The History of ASCS and Amphorae

The Australasian Society for Classical Studies (ASCS) was established in 1966, and continues to thrive today. ASCS aims at the advancement of the study of ancient Greece and Rome and related fields. Membership is open to all present and past researchers, teachers and students of the languages, literature, history, thought and archaeology of the ancient world, and other interested persons. ASCS holds an annual conference and publishes Antichthon, a journal of ancient world studies. There are discounted memberships for postgraduate students. If you would like to join, head over to the ASCS membership page.

Amphorae is an acronym for the Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Hellenic Or Roman Antiquities and Egyptology. It is an annual conference, and 2018 marks the twelfth time that postgraduates from Australasia will meet to catch up and share their research. ASCS has supported Amphorae by offering generous subsidies to the attendees, and members of the executive committee have given practical advice towards the running of the conference.

ASCS recently published a book, Fifty Treasures: Classical Antiquities in Australian and New Zealand Universities. The book is available to order online, and would be a lovely memento from your trip to Auckland.